10.–13. Juli 2024

europefiction Contemporary Circus

Flottmannhallen Herne

Workshopleitung für das „europefiction“ Sommer Camp mit dem Schwerpunkt Zeitgenössischer Zirkus

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reaching out for future

How does your favourite future look like? And how do we reach it? In this workshop we will work on our imagination of the best future possible and how to reach it.

The Chinese Pole is a 4 metres high steel pole which we will explore and face as a challenge. Can we make it to the top? How can we help each other to get up there and what do we expect to see up there? We work on:

  • basic skills on the pole: climb up, slide down
  • basic partnering: how to carry each other
  • automatic writing to imagine and create a shared vision or story about the future we want to tell
  • physical theatre methods: how do we move when imagination is leading our body

29. August 2024

out of the box

Ort in Planung

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